175 SQFT Unit

Rent from £228.85 / 28 days

Ideal for storing the contents of a 4 bedroom house or transport type – 7.5 tonne lorry size.

Note: Insurance must be purchased with every rental.
If you have any questions about this storage, please contact us >

Choose your 28 day period – start and end date.

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175 SQFT Unit

7.5 tonne lorry size, suitable for contents of a small 4 bedroom, large 3 bedroom house.

 Cost: £228.85 / 28 days (excluding insurance)


For peace of mind we offer numerous levels of insurance to cover most needs for the 28 day term.

Mandatory: You must take out insurance from one of the levels or the rental agreement is null and void.

Choose a level to suit your storage items:

If you need cover greater than £7,500, please contact our sales team and we’ll arrange it for you.