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Personal Storage

You can rely on Orange Box

Our storage facilities are like your very own spare room or garage that’s handily nearby, offering convenient home storage solutions.

You can pop in and out as often as you like during our opening hours to add or take away things. It’s totally Secure as only you have the key to your personal Orange Box.

Choose to stay from as little as a week there is no long term commitment. Move up or down in unit size by taking advantage of our flexible terms and ease of access. It’s perfect for:

Moving home

Moving house is easily one of the most stressful things you can do in life, but with the right planning and preparation, it doesn’t have to be.

  • Are you decluttering to impress a buyer and in need of a secure storage space to keep your furniture?
  • Or do you have a gap between your move-out and move-in date and need a storage unit rental to store all your things?

Whatever your moving situation, thinking about where you are going to store your items is an important first step. Here at Orange Box we have just the storage for you.


University is a new and fun time and you don’t want to wasting energy finding suitable storage for all your belongings when you discover your halls room is the size of a shoebox. There may also be times when you find yourself without a convenient storage place for your gear when you’re between student house moves or during the summer holidays.

Not to worry, Orange Box self storage is on hand with practical and secure storage units that are perfect for university storage. We offer small and large storage units for rent along with flexible time-frames whilst you take on your transition. Here at Orange Box we have smaller storage units that are perfect for the overflow!


Consider storage options before you begin your Home Improvement.

In the UK, we love our DIY. From kitchen makeovers to loft conversions, renovations, redecorations and everything in between, Brits are constantly changing the space we live in.The great news is that personal self storage can help make starting and finishing DIY jobs so much easier, better and safer.
Making decisions on how to manage your furniture and declutter your work area before you start your home improvements will pay off in the long run. Short term storage options can help you maximise your space by removing furniture you’d otherwise have to work around during your DIY project.

Taking advantage of DIY storage on a temporary basis gives you a decluttered environment to work in and reduces the chance of damage or breakages. Packing things up and moving them out of your working area and into a temporary storage unit will speed things up too – and you won’t end up with paint spatters on the sofa or plaster dust in your electrical items. Here at Orange Box we have just the storage for you.

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Life events

Life can be unpredictable: moving homes, changing jobs, and shifting family dynamics. You can never know what’s next or when you may need emergency storage space to rent. That’s why we’re here to help alleviate even a little bit of stress, particularly in those BIG life moments. Here at Orange Box we have just the storage for you.


Travelling can be stressful and choosing what to take with you a challenge. Importantly, what happens to all the things you leave behind? Will they be safe?

This is especially pressing whether you’re travelling for a long period of time or need short term storage for work travels or a gap year adventure. Ensuring your belongings are safely in storage can give you peace of mind to help you fully embrace that wonderful feeling of wanderlust. Here at Orange Box we have just the storage for you.


The quest for space is never ending. Regardless of whether you live in a mansion or your parent’s box room, there just never seems to be enough. Fortunately the answer need not be as drastic as moving to a bigger house.

Why not think about sorting through the items you already have and assessing whether they are really necessary? Whilst this may sound daunting, decluttering your home doesn’t need to be a big chore. Here at Orange Box we have just the storage for you.

An extra storage space near me

The first rule of an uncluttered home is to make sure there’s a place for everything. Yet we all struggled with limits on storage space – even if you don’t have a lot of stuff. Clever storage solutions are one thing. But once the space under-the-bed, under-the-stairs and on-top-of-the-wardrobe have been filled with your winter duvet, jumpers and scarves, or perhaps empty suitcases from holidays past, what do you do?

At Orange Box we believe that a self storage space is an extension of your loft space, cupboards and wardrobe. A storage unit is where you can securely keep your spare items, things you don’t need on a daily basis. It’s for those things that you need, but don’t need right now. Here at Orange Box we have just the storage for you.

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For keeping items in mint condition

Collections come in all shapes and sizes. It could be antiques, sports memorabilia, records and CDs, toys or just bits and pieces that have come your way down the years. However weird and wonderful your collection might be, there’s one thing all collections have in common: they need to be kept safe, secure and above all, protected – so a self storage locker could be the ideal storage solution for you. Here at Orange Box we have just the storage for you.


Once Springtime arrives the gardening equipment will be in sort after use. Whilst in December it’s the Christmas decorations that become much needed for the annual festivities. If it’s storing the lawnmower, hedge trimers and all things for the green fingered that extra storage space will keep your items safe and accessible for as long as the winter months keep you away from the gardens.

Then at Christmas time once the fun and festivities finally come to an end your favourite Christmas tree and special decorations can be safely packed away for the year in dry, clean and secure storage that will keep them in mint condition until next Christmas. Here at Orange Box we have just the storage for you.

Sports equipment

Storing out of Season Sports equipment – Whether you’re the first one on the slopes, or keen to get out on the water in the summer, self storage can help with storing bulky sports equipment. Seasonal sports and activities such as camping or skiing are limited to certain times of the year, and therefore you might need storage for the equipment while it’s out of action.

Purchasing sports and leisure equipment is a big expense so proper camping storage, ski storage or even bicycle storage is vital to keep everything safe, accessible and clean all year round. Here at Orange Box we have just the storage for you.

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